Brandon Young Has Taken His Project Management Skills Into Creating A Small Consulting Business That Provides Clients With Efficient and Flexible Processes

Brandon Young is the President and CEO of Young Management & Consulting, a small certified disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) that specializes in strategic project management, construction management, and engineering services. Founded in 2015, Young Management & Consulting helps companies to minimize any safety risks, while reducing costs, enhancing revenue, and increasing their profits. While he started the company in 2015, Brandon saw the most growth throughout 2020, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. 

For Brandon, having a business is not just about profit, but about helping others and having a voice in the world. In fact, building a company has further allowed him to see the bigger picture and the importance of helping others and giving back. “My responsibility has increased to want to add value to my professional and personal life as well as the need to be a representation for other diverse businesses. It made me realize that I have to raise the bar. I am a voice for many,” shares Brandon. 

It is because of how much he cares that he aims to build the best team to serve his clients. In fact, finding the right people to help you build your business is one of the most difficult factors for many entrepreneurs. “It’s challenging to find the right profile and team member. It’s hard to find someone dedicated to your teams as you are,” says Brandon. However, Brandon continues to search for the right people, who share his common goal for his company. In 2021, Brandon plans to continue to add value to customers by adding more staff and projects to his team. 

“I want to continue to give back to the community continuously. My ultimate goal is to be a key provider to big companies,” says Brandon. 

While having a business is no easy task, Brandon has always stayed motivated. Because he is passionate about what he does, Brandon is always excited when it comes to his business. As a small diverse business, competition can be tough, however, being a small business also means that they can be more flexible than larger companies. Furthermore, the leadership at Young Management & Consulting comes from larger company backgrounds, and while they are small, they have efficient processes in-house. “We call ourselves the navy seals team, for how we do business. “Lean strong, organized, and structured”. And we have the technical know-how,” states Brandon. 

Learn more about Brandon by following him on linkedin here, and check out the services provided by Young Management & Consulting on their website