D’Andre Moorefield’s Social Hubb is Providing Photo Booth Technology for People to Remember their Best Nights and Experiences. Find Out More Below.

Photos are an integral part of any life story. They paint a picture that words and even other physical manifestations of art can’t always do justice. They are an incredible way to capture both a moment and a story at the same time. When many years have passed, we often use photos to look back fondly on moments in our lives and remember the people or times captured in that picture. 

Now, with the power of smartphones, people have the ability to capture a picture at almost any time. However, even with the latest technology, there are many issues and difficulties with taking pictures on your smartphone ranging from the quality of the picture to trying to fit every single person or detail into the background given the physical size of the cameras. The question then becomes, how do you remember important moments in the easiest and best way possible?

This is where Social Hubb comes in! Social Hubb is a business providing a number of photobooth technology options that are available for booking for clubs, bars, parties, weddings, and more. For many dimly lit areas such as bars, clubs, and parties, finding the right photo technology is crucial to having patrons enjoy and remember their experiences.

Social Hubb is offering bars, restaurants, and special occasions three different types of unique technology that provide three different experiences for taking photos. This gives guests or patrons multiple ways to ensure that they have a great evening, but also get to take home memories of that night. 

Social Hubb has three different kinds of photo devices offering different kinds of memory making experiences. The first is the 360 booth. Like the device we are used to watching on the red carpet, the 360 booth has a raised platform with a camera circling the user allowing them to create dynamic photos, boomerangs, and gifs.

The newest product is something called the iHubb. This is the first robotic photo booth that is launching within the United States. The bot travels through the event or location it is at and interacts with the crowd or guests. It will help instruct them to take a photo and or capture real life moments from the event. Afterwards, the bot can share those photos with the groups either via sms or email.

In addition to the interactive nature of the iHubb, which makes it ideal for any event, it also uses the same lighting and technology that a human photographer would use in order to get the best picture no matter the environment. 

Offering this technology across the United States and Canada, D’Andre Moorefield is the mastermind behind Social Hubb. After a night where he had a bit too much fun, D’Andre realized the power of being able to have photos and look back fondly on nights that maybe you yourself can’t remember the full details of. 

“I began to partner with various bar industry establishments and nationally based event planners all across the country. Today, Social Hubb has emerged as one of the leading companies in photo booth rental technology and entertainment solutions,” D’Andre explains.

Social Hubb is continuing to grow their work and prowess in the photobooth technology space for all kinds of events. To find out more about Social Hubb, check out their website here.