Dr. Philip Solomon of the Solomon Facial Plastic Surgery Centre Shares His Secrets to Maintaining Passion and Success in a Crowded Industry

Dr. Philip Solomon runs a leading specialized facial plastic surgery centre in Toronto, Ontario, aptly named the Solomon Facial Plastic Surgery Centre. Highly regarded for his cutting edge techniques in rhinoplasty for revision, different ethnicities, transgender transitions, as well as rib cartilage and chin implants, Dr. Philip is consistently sought out for his skills and level of expertise. 

“When I began the practice in 1999, I was motivated to be the top world class facial plastic surgery center for rhinoplasty and facelift surgery,” Dr. Philip recalls. 

With rhinoplasty in particular, it is important to have the surgery, which is colloquially known as a nose job, by a highly experienced and trusted surgeon who understands the importance of great consideration and research. 

“Rhinoplasty, when done to improve the function is referred to as reconstructive surgery, and when done for appearance, it is known as cosmetic rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty can be performed to meet aesthetic goals or for reconstructive purposes to correct trauma, birth defects or breathing problems. The history of the procedure dates back over 2000 years,” Dr. Phillip explains.

Dr. Phillip began his journey training at the University of Toronto, one of the top schools in Canada. He was fortunate enough to be trained by many skilled mentors who taught him the ins and outs of the industry and skills, influencing him to be a strong and compassionate surgeon. His mentors were pioneers in their field, specializing in head and neck reconstructive surgery, as well as facial plastic surgery. After learning the tools of the trade, Dr. Philip quickly fell in love with the creative aspects of facial cosmetic surgery. Each client gave him the opportunity to achieve results that changed their life in a positive way, and each individual surgery became a personal and purposeful experience. 

“It is critical to have a true passion for the art and science of facial cosmetic plastic surgery.  Rhinoplasty surgery requires a surgeon to commit their entire career to learning and updating skills for best results. Rhinoplasty and facelift surgery have evolved over years to look more natural,” Dr. Phillip says. 

While being a well-regarded surgeon requires a great deal of training and experience, running your own practice is a totally different ballgame. Dr. Phillip has managed to do both, an accomplishment he was able to achieve because of the passion he has for the business and his ability to overcome difficult barriers. Primarily, he cites the biggest challenge in his career as being able to find good people to add to his team that equally share his passion. 

“Success, to me, means being free to have the ability to be doing what I love, supported by close people who share my passion. I truly believe that success can not be achieved by solely one person, when you help people around you become successful – you’ll get success in return,” Dr. Phillip says. 

His focus on success and passion have led him to financial freedom where he is able to avoid being preoccupied with financial concerns and instead have a feeling of well-being when it comes to his and his business’ finances. 

“A little bit of worry is natural, but consistent anxiety, fear, shame or uncertainty about the future are signs that you haven’t achieved a sense of control over saving, spending or debt repayment. When financial freedom is yours, you can monitor your finances and address issues that come up with openness, confidence and optimism,” Dr. Philip says. 

His success is no doubt tied to the individual compassion and care he gives to each patient. While it might be hard to differentiate one surgeon from another, since many are extremely talented and attentive to details, Dr. Phillip is still able to carve out his own space in the crowded industry. 

 “I surely believe that I look at the patient’s face not only as a part of their body but as an art piece. There shouldn’t be any cookie cutter solutions when it comes to the human body. Each of us are unique and I always try to keep it that way,” Dr. Philip outlines. 

To see examples of Dr. Philip’s work, be sure to check out his website as well as his Instagram account