Jado Hark is the Founder of Elite Agency Real Estate. He Began His Career in the Nightlife World. Find Out How Jado Made the Jump Below.

When you think of people in the sphere of nightlife, you do not often make the logical link to the world of real estate. However, there are very often common ties that connect all businesses, even real estate and nightlife. These ties include understanding people and how to relate to them, forming connections, and working to ensure customer satisfaction.

Jado Hark knows better than anyone that his nightlife background helped create his successful real estate career. The founder and creator of Elite Agency Real Estate, Jado is now helping buyers and sellers alike find the properties that work best for them.

“I come from the nightlife industry where I have built a tremendous network from athletes, politicians, attorneys and doctors to first time home buyers that work a 9 to 5 and I treat everyone with the same passion and respect,” Jado explains.

Jado began his real estate career with the simple goal in mind of helping people. For him, a house and home are some of the most important aspects of anyone’s life. Founded on that principle, Jado went about his career with a different lens that centered around the customer and constant communication with them.

“Consistent communication, genuine care, ethical behavior and positive experience throughout every step of the process are some of the many things we prioritize. I specialize in residential and commercial real estate and have shown the ability to satisfy customers in both selling and buying homes. My strongest suit is the loyalty of my repeat clients and referrals. I have the support of one of the best brokerages in Minnesota real estate in the Realty group that provides all you need in buying or selling your home,” Jado remarks.

Life was not always easy for Jado and his business, however. Though he came in with a network and skills and a great idea to set himself apart from the competition, Jado still had to leap over the major hurdle that we all had to overcome in the past year and a half: the pandemic. Covid brought both positives and negatives to the real estate market. Many people were realizing that they were unhappy with their current living situation when they had to stay home all day and work, which caused a huge movement in the housing world. On the other hand, people were suffering financially and unable to make home payments. This both positive and negative push was difficult for all of us to navigate, but particularly the real estate market.

“COVID-19 took a big hit on my business. To be able to reorganize my operations and control my overhead, was the biggest challenge. Mindset is everything when starting a business, especially in an industry that you have never worked in before, to be able to mentally train yourself to stay focused and learn every single day is a challenge,” Jado states.

However hard covid was, Jado was ready for the challenge. He was able to surmount this obstacle successfully because of his positive mindset that helped him keep going. He says it is key to running a business.

“Mindset is everything when starting a business, especially in an industry that you have never worked in before. This is what allows you to be able to mentally train yourself to stay focused and learn every single day is a challenge,” Jado advises.

This year, he is focusing on expanding his team to meet the needs of the increased number of buyers and sellers who have come back to him and who have just started their journey with his company. His biggest accomplishment thus far has been the amount of people he has been able to help and change their lives. This includes himself and his family.

“Being able to help a huge amount of people in my first couple of years has been my greatest success. I am averaging triple the amount of transactions that newer agents do. I have also gained financial freedom and even the ability to spend more time with my wife and kids and create memories,” Jado says.

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