Kyle Kirshner is an Expert in the World of Amazon Private Label Businesses. Now, He is Teaching Others Everything He Knows about the Business. Find Out More Below.

Kyle Kirshner is an entrepreneur who began his career as a normal high school student trying to make some extra money to support himself. However, his experience at this job is what inspired him to create something of his own. What he thought was just a normal warehouse job turned out to be something more profound and would lead to his success.

“When I was in highschool, I got my first job working at a warehouse just like any normal kid, however little did I know the warehouse I got a job at was a private label brand doing 8 figures on amazon. I worked for that company for 5 years, moved up from shipping lead to customer service and saw how they generated all their reviews on amazon,” Kyle recounts.

After working at that company for a few years, he moved up in the company and saw the inner workings even more than before. This got Kyle thinking about all of the things he could be doing if he opened up his own store just like this one, so that is just what he did.

“I got into their marketing department and saw how they properly did their PPC advertising and most importantly saw how they launched all their products to the first page of amazon that very few sellers know how to do. Long story short, after the 6 years I worked there I quit and started my own amazon brands. Today, I now own two seven figure amazon private label brands and I’ve been coaching others one by one step by step on how to do the same and have clients doing 6 and seven figures themselves!” Kyle exclaims.

With all of his background and training, Kyle has been able to make big moves in the industry and even teach others how to achieve his same level of success. However, there have been bumps on the way to that success. Particularly this past year, with covid and supply chain issues, Kyle has had more difficulties to overcome, but nevertheless, he overcomes them everytime.

“The biggest obstacle would be COVID, supply chain issues have been insane for us amazon sellers, but a smart business person ADAPTS and overcomes.

A lot of my competition are “gurus” people who claim success but haven’t actually achieved it. I owe everything to that one company I worked for, for many years and they made me a seller, which created me as a coach,” Kyle explains.

For those looking to start their own business like the one that Kyle created, he has some words of advice for you. The biggest thing that he recommends is finding a good mentor.

“Get a mentor, pay the money to get good help, I’ve had some clients who have spent tens of thousands on mistakes when a quick call from me could have solved all those issues,” Kyle advises.

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