Maxwell Frost becomes the first Generation Z to reach the US Congress.

Democrat Maxwell Alejandro Frost, seasoned in anti-gun activism, made history this Tuesday in the mid-term elections in the United States. At 25 years old, he became the first member of Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2010) to win a seat in Congress.

Frost, of Afro-Cuban origin, born in January 1997, is the minimum age (25 years) required by the Constitution to be a member of Congress. He was competing in a very blue district, that is, predominantly progressive, in the city of Orlando, Florida, after the representative of his party, Val Demings, resigned from the post to contest a seat in the Senate against Republican Marco Rubio. Demings lost.

“We made history tonight,” Frost tweeted after the AP and other outlets projected his victory by a very wide margin over Republican Calvin Wimbish, 72, a former Green Beret who called himself “Christian, Conservative, and constitutionalist”.

“We have made history for the citizens of Florida, for Gen Z and for all those who believe they deserve a better life,” insisted the winner, who collected the fruit of a campaign developed in the media and door to door asking for the vote. , while driving an Uber to make ends meet.

Ron DeSantis, who is often said to be “like Trump but with brains”, has been widely criticized in recent months for the massive transfer of immigrants to New York and Washington DC, as well as for promoting and signing laws against sex education and about racism.