Meet Patel is Focusing His Real Estate Business on Providing Success for Buyers and Sellers, but In Particular for First Time Buyers.

Meet Patel is a real estate entrepreneur who is making waves at a young age. Real estate, for Meet, is a family business that began with his grandfather who was a real estate investor and opened Meet up to the initial idea of real estate when he was very young.

“The inspiration for this business came from my grandpa, Chandubhai Patel, who was a real estate investor. He sparked interest at a very young age and opened the door into the world of real estate. Real Estate work has a high percentage of creative control. Real estate is a unique industry where there are constantly evolving audiences and marketing methods out there. I’m obliged as a professional to address all the demands of my clients. I get to set my hours and decide for myself how to manage my time and priorities. I get to work from home, set my own goals, and reap the rewards of my success,” Meet remarks.

Meet is not just doing the usual house flipping just to flip houses. He is unique in his business in that he is trying to help both buyers and sellers achieve their goals to be able to afford and enjoy the house of their dreams and the sellers to find good matches for their houses.

“I’m a 23 year-old real estate agent in South California. I specialize in helping buyers and sellers achieve all of their real estate goals. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, I provide full-service representation to guide and protect you every step of the way. I have experience as a real estate agent, including residential, income properties, new construction, and property management. I work with both buyers and sellers. My network gives me an advantage over other agents as I have a proven list of investors who are always looking to buy and sell their newly remodeled houses,” Meet explains.

Judging by his age, many people would think that Meet had to have had an easy ride to success given how young he is and how much he has been able to achieve. However, this is not a true representation of Meet’s obstacles. In fact, one of the many things that has made his job difficult is the fact that he is so young. However, he has turned this obstacle into an achievement and opportunity to prove people wrong.

“The biggest obstacle I faced and sometimes I still do is my age. A lot of my clients have questioned if I’m capable of representing them just as well as someone with more experience. Overcoming this obstacle has become second nature to me. While it is true I’m young, I’m also just as good if not better than any seasoned agent. My work speaks for itself. Most importantly, the main reason why my clients stick to my side is because I’m capable of going over and explaining the process, from start to finish,” Meet states.

In particular, Meet states that he feels a unique connection to first time buyers. He is able to relate to their struggles of diving into a world that they have not really traversed before. That is why he works incredibly hard to make sure they have the best experience.

“One area where my age is beneficial to me is when I’m working with First-time buyers. I can relate with them and can predict their needs. I have to keep in mind that many of my clients are engaging in their first-ever real estate transaction. I take time during every sale to explain the process, the market, and the paperwork from starting to end. Clients are sometimes hesitant to ask questions that they think are obvious. They may not even know what kind of questions they should be asking. It is up to me to proactively provide that information and give that guidance. I have made an effort to establish myself as a no-pressure real estate expert within my social circles. A lot of young adults are curious about the process of finding a home, but they’re still satisfactory as renters and are not in a rush. It is important, they know they can talk to me about real estate without feeling like they have to commit,” Meet details.

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