MetaLend is the Hybrid Lending Solution the Financial Industry Has Been Waiting For: Learn More

There are situations in life that accelerate changes. Many times those changes constitute something from which you cannot go back. This has been the case for many industries as a result of COVID-19 and the evolution of technology. 

One of the most important innovations has been the creation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Their emergence has led to changes in the way services are offered by banks and financial institutions. 

MetaLend is a hybrid lending solution in the financial services industry offered to individuals and businesses that at some point require any type of loan for any business whether it is small or medium-sized.

“We are revolutionizing everything related to lending. Simply moving the power away from the bank to you. MetaLend is a hybrid lending solution backed by a decentralized marketing, open-source blockchain with funding functionality.” Explain the founders of MetaLend.

At different points in life, people may require a loan from some financial institution. MetaLend is responsible for streamlining the old business model of banks so that the person who borrows or saves can get more benefits as their rates are more affordable and thus can also gain access to more capital. 

“MetaLend, which offers hybrid lending solutions backed by a decentralized marketplace, offers low fees and unlimited capital.”

MetaLend has access to several loans/grants through their blockchain investors and lenders. Whether people borrow or save money, someone benefits from it. Most often it is banks, where the conditions are seldom fair. MetaLend looks to change that by providing better interest rates.

Since June 2021, MetaLend has been working to build the leading digital banking experience. They offer simple and easy-to-understand banking services completely without unnecessary fees to hundreds of thousands of potential customers. 

MetaLend was established to provide an innovative infrastructure that prides itself on low rates that the market cannot compete with. It’s simple when you’re not just in for the money but more for the ways to simplify the lending and investing process.

“At one point in our lives we were all students and some students were more fortunate to have a strong financial backing for a well educated school while others struggled. Or even, some parents had to take out a loan to help financially support their children or themselves for a better education. We all have our own challenges in life and we noticed that. That’s why we started MetaLend, which offers hybrid lending solutions backed by a decentralized market that offers low fees and unlimited capital. We streamline the old bank’s business model, so that you who borrow or save get more out. Not only have we created a profitable business but we’re also helping thousands and soon millions of people to more affordable rates and access to more capital.” Share the founders of MetaLend.

Their biggest challenge when launching MetaLend was developing an infrastructure so powerful that it could act as a hyper reflection gateway which offers loans and grants. They did this through simplifying the investing process and building a strong and varied portfolio.

In the near future, Metalend is focused on establishing the necessary components to expand by offering more unique grants such as environmental, small business and non-profit grants.

“At the moment MetaLend is simply a hybrid lending solution that enables its users to pick and choose from private loans and grants. However, our goal is much bigger and we want to make a whole new overview of modern banking with hybrid lending with no hidden fees. We live and breathe to create an infrastructure designed in a multitude of ways by simplifying the investing process and building a strong and varied portfolio.” State the founders of MetaLend.

Metalend is the future of lending today, if you want to learn more, click here.