Taking Your Social Media Influence from Meager to Viral Seemingly Overnight, Adamm Has a Special Talent for Making Viral Artists After Learning from His Own Experience.

Becoming viral is something that many artists, social media personalities, and brand influencers strive for and struggle with as they try to engage with their audiences. Becoming viral can be as simple as making a captivating or funny video or something that is particularly unique, however, there is so much content out there that being a viral trend is either trickier than it seems or just a coincidence.

However, some people have mastered the task. Adam Miguest, better known as Adamm, is one of these many people who have studied and understood what it takes to gain attention. He has helped some of the biggest songs this year go viral using social media.

“I have made 7 of the biggest songs in the world go viral this year on TikTok with my startup “Rapid Launch Media”. No one in the music marketing industry has been able to create and identify viral trends the way I have. I am on the management team for the largest influencer collective in the world, Club House, where I help broker deals for many of the most followed influencers on social media,” Adamm explains.

Adamm’s story does not begin with brand expertise however. It begins with his own passion for photography that led him to become well known, even eventually becoming viral, in the social media world. Using what he had learned and built, he realized that he could help others do the same.

“I made a name for myself by using my impressive photography skills to shoot for some of the largest social media influencers in the world. I was one of the first to realize the amazing benefits for artists to move and promote their music through social media platforms like TikTok. What I decided to do next has been a game-changer. I leveraged the relationships I established in the influencer community to create a company that specializes in connecting musicians with social media creators that could seamlessly promote the music for musicians,” Adamm remarks.

Now, the company, Rapid Launch Media, has helped generate success for numerous artists resulting in millions of followers, streams and success for the musicians and brand entrepreneurs that he has helped.

“My company blew past $1 Million Dollars in revenue in its first year and now we’re looking to triple that by the end of 2021. I have helped previously unknown artists “blow up” overnight. These Artists have been featured in places like Billboard 100, Rolling Stone Magazine, etc. from total obscurity in early 2020. I am now one of the most well-known music promoters in the entertainment industry and currently have over 1 Million Followers across my social media platforms, primarily on Instagram and TikTok,” Adamm states.

Whether you are a musician, label, artist, brand influencer, or just trying to make a splash on social media, Adamm can help make a difference in your career. Follow him on instagram here, check out his tiktok here, and take a look at his website here.