The Behind the Scenes of the Number One Spanish Language Program to Quit Smoking, Founded by Sergio Bruna

Sergio Bruna, a recognized entrepreneur, public speaker, entertainer, and author in the Spanish community in the US, has overcome what most would think is unimaginable to tackle – from adversity, poverty, and homelessness, Sergio overcame it all, including quitting smoking, all on his own. It may surprise some considering how difficult poverty and homelessness can be, but having done it all, Sergio says quitting smoking was the hardest hurdle to overcome.

And now, Sergio shares the same techniques that allowed him to quit his addiction with his program, “Deja de fumar y empieza a vivir” (Quit Smoking and Start Living) where he teaches people how to quit for good.

 “I was being disciplined about so many things and I was achieving my goals yet I couldn’t quit smoking. I smoked for 27 years. I spent the best part of a decade interviewing doctors, psychologists and speaking with the most capable high performance coaches and, as a result, developed my program: Deja de fumar y empieza a vivir,” Sergio says. 

Now, Sergio is well-respected in the field for creating and running the top Spanish level program for helping people quit smoking. The program consists of two books, digital content on demand, and finally, access to a private Facebook coaching group. 

“I was ultimately motivated by my sense of purpose and contribution. Smoking kills 8 million people every year, making it, in my eyes, humanity’s top enemy. 46% of the people in the world smoke, and while 85% of the people that smoke want to quit, only 4% actually achieve it. I developed a method that works and want to share it with the world so more people can reach their goals of quitting,” Sergio outlines. 

Sergio, through first hand experience, saw that there was no real, sustainable help for those wanting to quit smoking, despite there being a huge, unmet need, and therefore an untapped market. Beyond customer’s desire to quit smoking, Sergio also knew that the effects of smoking were inherently negative, and cutting down on smoking overall would be beneficial for communities. 

“Nicotine addiction is destroying humanity, ruining lives and families. I have seen up close and personal the death from lung cancer and it is horrible, it’s long, hard, painful and expensive. It’s taxing to family members and destroys their lives as well as your own. Quitting smoking is easy if you know how,” Sergio outlines. 

When building his own business, Sergio found many parallels between entrepreneurship and the journey of overcoming addiction. Namely, the similarities between fear and success. As he worked through quitting smoking, he experienced fear as a sign that you are leaving your comfort zone and many times shows that you are moving in the right direction. Sergio believes if you acknowledge fear and move towards it in full faith, you will conquer a part of yourself that will help you grow.

“On the other hand, success is overcoming obstacles, becoming a better version of yourself, success is being happy and feeling fulfilled and living with a purpose. Success is not quitting no matter what. The secret to success is to compare yourself not to others but who you were yesterday, and improve that,” Sergio says. 

In the coming year, Sergio has lined up many positive projects down the pipeline. After needing to cancel 17 speaking engagements due to the pandemic’s lockdown, Sergio will be embarking on a new speaking tour when facilities open back up again. In addition, he’ll be working on launching a new motivational and self development course online to raise awareness of his course, Deja de Fumar y empieza a vivir. 

Altogether, Sergio is able to differentiate himself from the competition in a crowded addiction recovery space by remaining relentless, passionate, authentic, and honest. 

“I speak from experience because what I teach did not come from anything I have read in a textbook,” Sergio says. 

Sergio’s course, Deja de Fumar y empieza a vivir, can be found online, and be sure to follow Sergio on Instagram here and here to stay the most up to date.