Turning Normal People Into Heroes Is The Goal Of Adam Jablin’s Incredible Hero Project

Covid-19 has taken a toll on all of us. Whether the disease has affected you and your family members directly or not, the lack of human interaction can be a difficult thing to deal with. However, Adam Jablin is here to help you break free from the difficulties the year has brought.

“The motivation came from four places. One, I saw so many people suffering that needed it, especially nowadays. So, it felt like a sense of duty. Like I was fulfilling my destiny, a pact with God that I would do my part while on this planet. Second is, I love what I do! It’s a pleasure. Third is, in creating THE HERO PROJECT I am paying a debt back to Dion & Superman– my two larger than life role models. Fourth is, everytime I help a person, I selfishly feel like I am doing my part in God’s world,” Adam explains.

Adam originally got involved in his work, the Hero Project, after recovering from addiction himself. He began the Hero Project to help others find their own pathway to success and health after fighting their own demons. 

“The Hero 7 is my free online course. It’s simple! You download a free app called Workplace where you get your own personal account that is just like Facebook. There you will receive one video each day, building on the last. It’s also a form where you can speak one on one with me personally, or share with the other Heroes!

My clients usually come to me with a specific issue. Examples are, weight problems, addictions, chemical dependencies, alcoholism, trauma’s etc. The most meaningful goals my coaching has provided is giving my clients a peace of mind and clarity that surpasses all understanding. I love watching my clients change and achieve their goals as they continue on their journey,” Adam remarks.

Even the story of the name choice behind Adam’s Hero Project shows his love and dedication to his mentees. He truly wants to help them get back on their feet and overcome their addictions.

“Every hero is about a transformation; about finding their true power. From Clark Kent to Superman. From Bruce Wayne to Batman. From Tony Stark to Ironman. It’s the Hero’s journey! Why Project? Simple, .because this is not a “program”. This is not P90X. This is catered to the individual. This is special. We can all be Heroes just for one day. I really focus on the mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual health of my clients. What I have found personally is, when we get them to be spiritually fit first, the rest falls into place. Easier said than done though,” Adam states.

With all of this and more going for him, one would think that Adam has his plate full, but you would be wrong! Adam is excited to continue doing what he does best with more events and meetings in the future. In addition, he wants to continue inspiring others to get the help they need and the motivation to live their best lives.

“I am being booked on some really big and exciting talk shows and podcasts as we speak. What an honor.  I am growing THE HERO PROJECT and now teaching coaches under me, or dare I say HEROES! So, essentially I am building my own Justice League/Avengers type family where we want to save lives. I am also writing a book with my mentor called “CONVERSATIONS WITH DION”.  The premise is to bring the world into our conversations, into our lives and allow them to learn from the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer as I have. Dion has a special way about him that I try to emulate. Honestly, the attention is wonderful because it’s helping people. I don’t want to be the ADAM-SHOW. I want to try to be like Superman and help people,” Adam says.

To find out more about the incredible things Adam is doing, you can visit his instagram page here and check out his website here.