A Savior to Small Businesses, Ian Mazzola is Helping them Find the Capital They Need to Stay Afloat During the Best and Worst of Economic Times. Find Out More Below.

Finances, businesses, loans, and everything in between is a lot to think about when it comes to starting your own business. Many people do not have time to process all of those things while still being able to successfully run their business or even worry about it as an individual with a million things going on!

Ian Mazzola is here to help small businesses with just that. Ian has been in the entrepreneurial business for as long as he can remember and has learned a lot throughout his career. One thing has stuck with him the most: you need capital to scale up your business. 

“Being an entrepreneur my whole life, I know scaling a business requires capital. However, most business owners can’t access the capital they need to succeed because they can’t get approved by the banks. I wanted to provide a solution to these small businesses that had untapped potential but did not have the capital to do so. This led me to start Oasis Funding Network,” Ian recounts.

Their loans come in many forms including: new lines of credit, equipment financing, help with SBA loans, advances, and much more just to name a few, so whether you are trying to fund a startup, purchase new equipment, or open a new location, Ian and his co-workers at Oasis have the tool. 

The team that Ian has started to help others is made up of other small business owners who can help give useful advice, along with Ian’s expertise, that can help make sure your business is fully funded. Offering same day funding, an easy application process, low rates, and much more, Ian has created a one site fits all that can help with any kind of funding need.

“Our team is composed of small business owners that understand the challenges and obstacles of running a business. We work with our clients one-on-one to help them find the best solution for their business. Our specialists help every step of the way to ensure that your company is given the best solution possible,” Ian states.

In addition to solving the capital problem that many businesses face, Ian also recommends having a strong mindset in order to get through some of the toughest days of being a business owner. Many business owners, whether small or large, stress the importance of having a good mindset and mentality to overcome obstacles that you may face in your business venture.

“Mindset is very important. Many people give up too early on their journey before the “lightbulb moment” and things start to pick up. You must have resilience, so the business can develop at it’s own pace,” Ian advises.

Combining these two factors, a strong source of capital and a resilient mindset, can lead to huge success and thankfully, Ian is excited to keep being a part of people’s journeys to that point in their careers. To find out more about him and Oasis Capital, check out their website here and check out their instagram here.