Bringing the power of Reiki to the 21st century: Shaman Antojai shares the secrets of Quantum Reiki

From a young age, Axél Carrasquillo knew that he wanted to help heal the world. Born into a family of experienced shamans, Axél – now better known as Antojai – grew up immersed in the mysterious and the mystic. By channeling his shamanic roots, Antojai has been able to help hundreds of other people around the world experience the healing potential of Quantum Reiki and Antojai Alchemy, his unique combinations of ancient healing methods developed over the course of his career. Now, Antojai looks to bring his experience and methodology to the rest of the healing world, through seminars, retreats, and one-on-one courses for students and teachers alike.

“I am a lifelong shaman,” Antojai recalls, “I started my career as a spiritual healer at age 18 and have been training with spiritual and psychic masters all over the world since I was just six years old. It wasn’t until 2017, however, that I discovered new improvements to a traditional form of alternative medicine called Reiki. Developed in 1922 by healer Mikao Usui, Reiki has been an incredibly powerful force in my life, but I found that it often lacked the tools to address the unique stressors of 21st century lifestyles. What affected people a century ago is no longer the same today!”

Antojai soon coined the phrase “Quantum Reiki” to describe the improvements that he made to the age-old healing practice. He describes the improvements as combining aspects of quantum science and multiple disciplines of consciousness training that the original Reiki practitioners did not originally have access to. Quantum Reiki has since become recognized globally as one of the most powerful forms of Reiki, with practitioners commenting on how these methods helped them address everything from cancer to PTSD. Antojai now hopes to bring Quantum Reiki to a wider audience, allowing his students from around the world to activate a higher sense of self and open up to a deeper connection with the universe and their inner beings.

“Since developing Quantum Reiki, I have looked to spread this wisdom through the Antojai Ascension Academy,” Axél shares. “I look to train practitioners from all walks of life in the powers of both Quantum Reiki and Antojai Alchemy, allowing them to access a deeper sense of awareness that aids them in communicating directly with the subconscious mind, psychic self, soul, and spirit. Increasingly, I focus on helping those with severe autoimmune diseases, such as HIV, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, advanced psychosis, and others. My goal with my teachings is always to put the power of self-transformation back into my students’ hands, so that they might heal themselves and others along the way.” 

Indeed, Axél’s Antojai Ascension Academy is quickly gaining recognition for training the world’s highest-level shamans, energy healers, spiritual counselors, and psychics. His experience in advanced energy medicine has allowed him to work with major celebrities seeking to open themselves to a higher level of existence, as well as the general public. Since 2016, Axél reports that 90% of his Antojai clients have said that one to three sessions were enough to provide long-lasting shifts in their health and their lives. And during the 2020 pandemic, Axél and his team were able to help hundreds of people around the world cope with lockdown-related depression and anxiety. Moving forward, Axél hopes to offer his healing classes to even more students and practitioners, expanding the world’s knowledge of Quantum Reiki one healed soul at a time!

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