Dan Vas, A Trailblazer In Ecommerce Is Now Giving Back To People Wanting To Build Successful Businesses

Dan Vas has a  story of coincidence and going against the grain that he was born into. His parents, leaving the Soviet Union, brought him to Canada to begin a new life there. He saw how they had to work numerous jobs and long hours just to make ends meet for their family.

“I was born in Eastern Europe, in a small country called Latvia, and raised by parents who grew up in the former communist Soviet Union.

At age 2, we immigrated to Canada and throughout my childhood I watched as my parents tried to survive, going from job to job, experiencing financial scarcity and difficulties (similar to those experienced by any other immigrant families),” Dan recalls.

Coincidence came into play when Dan stumbled upon the thing that would help change his life: eCommerce. Combined with his natural entrepreneurial spirit that he had been pursuing and refining since he was young, Dan took to eCommerce very quickly and was able to make the most out of this opportunity.

“I found out about eCommerce by chance as I was looking for an online business opportunity at age 21, and I got into eCommerce early being one of the first people, and quickly went from zero to making millions in the eCommerce space selling products and also building the largest eCommerce course company by age 22, in a span of 18 months.

I started with zero, with nothing, no experience, no connections, all I wanted to do was figure out a way to make money online so I could live a location independent lifestyle, achieve freedom and have financial abundance,” Dan explains.

Now, Dan has built his very own eCommerce business and brand that helped him gain financial freedom. This business is constantly growing and adding new businesses into the fold to offer to their customers.

“Now I am building eCommerce brands full time, focusing on a brand in the travel space as well as in the functional foods (sports food) space, while also making YouTube videos and doing courses/coaching on the side,” Dan states.

What makes Dan unique and an ideal eCommerce expert is that he has had to struggle through the obstacles on his own at the very beginning when very few people knew about what eCommerce entailed. This has given him great insight into the ups and downs of the business and how to avoid common traps.

“What makes my story unique is that I started at a very early age, figured everything out myself, made millions, have built up a YouTube channel of 326k subscribers as we speak, and helped millions of people along the way achieve freedom as well,” Dan says.

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