Gladys Pino is a Makeup Artist and Hairstylist From Venezuela Who Believes That Her Role as a Stylist Includes Helping Her Clients With Change

The world of beauty and glamour is as important as any other industry because being well-groomed with a good haircut, hairstyle and makeup enhances the beauty of people and improves self-esteem and confidence.

Gladys Pino, also known as “the owner of magic,” is a makeup artist and hairstylist who had dreamed of doing makeup since she was a little girl.

“Since I was a little girl I loved to do makeup! I would look at the magazines and copy them from there and recreate them!” Gladys shares.

After graduating from university in her native Venezuela, obtaining a degree in Administration, Gladys decided to focus on the world of makeup. 

I dedicated myself to studying makeup, then nails, then colorimetry and finally eyebrows and eyelashes. It is a hobby that I turned into my daily job and started to make a living from it.” She says.

When Gladys moved to Miami, she originally wanted to focus on makeup, but demand was different. She started to be known as the best hair straightener, and learned how to do more beauty things while growing and improving her brand. 

Gladys has always liked change and challenges. This is what ultimately drove her to become a full time makeup artist and hairstylist. 

I joined the makeup industry full time because I didn’t want to be in an office behind a desk. I needed to have a job that was creative.” Gladys states. “I also love changes for other people, so I like to be there for my women clients as they go through different stages of their lives. I feel that stylists are the creators or the ones who seal those changes for the better”. 

Everyone faces daily challenges that they must overcome to continue on their way to success. Some challenges can be solved quickly while others take a little more time. For Gladys, the biggest challenge is outreach.

The biggest challenge is getting clients and making them stay with you. It is always an issue but you have to try. My job is not easy but I love it.” Gladys notes.

Besides this challenge, Gladys also faced emotional obstacles such as fear. For businesses, fear can deter them from growing simply by not doing or being afraid of risks. Gladys can relate to this. 

“Fear is the hardest thing. It makes you get stuck and stop doing stuff. Fear in itself is not bad. You must learn to manage it or else you can get into an abysm with no return. It is something that can inhibit you from advancing.” Gladys explains. “It is always good to feel fear because it makes you pause, think and analyze, but you must move on.”

This is why Gladys’ advice to other people starting their business or growing their brand is to be perseverant and constant. That way, slowly but surely, there will be results and awards. There will be good and bad days, but to get to the good days, you must be constant. This is how businesses succeed.

“For me success is to be happy with what I do and proud of each step up the ladder that life gives you! Every course, every finished job is a success for me. I feel happy with the results of my work.” Gladys states.

Gladys’ next projects include having a physical site, since so far she has been working door to door, and launching an accessory brand.

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