From Books To Conferences and Coaching Courses, Bryan Chavis Puts His Best Foot Forward When It Comes To Educating People On Real Estate

Bryan Chavis is a Simon & Schuster best selling author and international speaker, apartment syndicator and coach/consultant. He has spent the last two decades building successful real estate and personal ventures. Bryan leads the Chavis Capital multi family real estate fund, which is focused on providing investors with stability and strong returns by utilizing their expertise in multi family operations. At the same time, Bryan also runs the Multi Family Matrix Membership platform, providing award-winning industry certifications as well as coaching and mentoring & consulting programs. In fact, Bryan’s award-winning coaching and consulting business has won awards for helping the city of Tampa create their landlord training program and the Tampa Housing Authority. Under Bryan’s leadership, these businesses have trained more than 50,000 landlords, Asset and property managers as well as public housing authorities to date.

Most recently, Bryan has achieved greater success through his bestselling books, “Buy It, Rent It, Profit!,” as well as “The Landlord Entrepreneur.” These books are essential guides for investors looking to build lasting wealth through multi-family real estate and property management. His most recent book, “Buy It, Rent It, Profit!,” can even be found at the US Library of Congress. 

Looking at his success now, you would never have guessed that Bryan struggled with school since childhood. In fact, Bryan was a special education student; however, he learned how to use tough situations to his advantage. Despite a failed basketball career, a broken down car, and having nowhere to live, Bryan was able to create his own opportunity in the real estate business, giving rise to one achievement after another. If those circumstances weren’t enough, you’ll be surprised to learn about his battle with a brain tumor, which changed his life forever. However, not one thing has kept Bryan from moving forward. 

When asked about the biggest challenges of making it in the business world, Bryan says “Everything is challenging- having no money, no experience, no exposure to what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. It is all hard, little did I know that it would get worse after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. However, having a good mindset and faith are key to pushing through.” 

This year, Bryan is excited to launch his first major real estate fund! He will also be putting together their first “Buy It. Rent It. Profit.” live conference with the purpose of continuing to educate other investors who are looking to grow their real estate portfolios. 

Learn more about Bryan Chavis by following him on Instagram here. Bryan is also sharing a lot of his knowledge on his podcast, Buy The Block. Listen to it here