JP Lopez Has Been Able to Create a Massive Transportation Fleet and is Only Growing More and More Every Day. Find Out How He Does It Below.

Jaime Patrick Lopez, better known as JP, is an ambitious entrepreneur who began his foray into business at just 18 years old! Now, only 25, he is making huge leaps as he has expanded his knowledge and skills exponentially and even started his own company!

“I am 25 years old based out of riverside, CA. I got into the transportation industry when I was 18. I started as a broker for a small company and gained knowledge in the industry. I later ventured off and started my own company which has revenued over 2.5 million dollars this year. I have always been ambitious and knew I wanted to get into the logistics industry from a very young age, I could remember even telling my friends in high school I was going to start a transportation business one day,” JP explains.

What made JP want to start his own business was the ability he gained to see the larger picture and the scope of the number and where they were headed. He was able to use these skills to capitalize on trends and the business essentially created itself.

“I worked for a small company as just a broker so I was able to see the big numbers that were involved in the industry, but realized I needed to build my own fleet and get my own authorities if I wanted to keep more profits. I run a transportation business, we specialize in flat bed and specialty freight. We work a lot with cal trans and major construction companies all throughout CA,” JP states.

However, his skills are not always able to get him over the biggest obstacle, which is his age. Though JP has been able to prove himself in the business beyond any doubt, there are many out there that still reduce him to just his age, and think that he is unable to do what he does because he is so young. However, constantly being underestimated has not stopped him, but rather made him more determined to prove people wrong.

“Being so young and being doubted. I’m by far the youngest person I know in my industry . I deal with very well off men much older than I am. It used to intimidate me, but now I feel very comfortable dealing with anyone. I differentiate myself by making sure that we have a system for which the company can operate smoothly and efficiently. If we have problems we make sure to address them right away,” JP says.

Above all else, what helped JP get to the top is his mindset, which he claims was crucial to his success. Without it, you become undisciplined and aren’t able to achieve your goals. With this amazing mindset, JP is excited to continue big projects in the future including building his float out even more.

“My next project is growing my fleet and getting more business for the team,” JP notes.

To find out more about JPL Transport, INC, you can check them out on Instagram here.