Business is the Fastest Growing Sex Shop in the Americas: Providing Customers with Sex Toys and Education

Sex has always played and will continue to play a fundamental role in the lives of all people because it a resource of pleasure for human beings, as well as one of the origins of reproduction. Nonetheless, it continues to be a taboo in societies across the world. 

But truth is that sex is part of the life of the human being just like any other, and therefore must receive more attention in terms of education. The subject of sex has evolved over the years, which has been reflected not just in behavior but also in the clothing and objects we relate to sex.

For some years there have been several companies that are dedicated to the marketing of what are called sex toys. One of those companies has managed to position itself in the Latin American market: is currently the leading company in the sex shop industry throughout the Americas, offering a variety of more than 7,000 sex toys for adults. But they are not also dedicated to the sale of toys.

In, they also work to dismantle the taboos that continue to cover the world in reference to sexual issues. They also have an excellent team of professionals such as its creator and founder Jairo Araiza and other psychologists, psychiatrists, sexologists and therapists who provide information on sex education and health in general in addition to addressing issues of sexual dysfunction and perform couples therapy.

Great artists have endorsed the work of through their social media platforms, such as actresses Canales, Daniela Alvarado, Sabrina Salemi, Ivette Dominguez, Adriana Romero, Maria Antonieta Duque, and many others.

The growth of is non-stop, both physically and digitally. They already have a following of 300 thousand people in their Instagram account, who engage with the content of the brand. has also expanded and currently has stores in Venezuela, the United States, Peru, Colombia, and very soon in Spain. But even people living outside of those countries can simply buy the merchandise and get it delivered to any corner of the world.

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