The Credit Chef’s “Secret Sauce” that will get you good credit that you deserve

Business seminars and credit education sessions equip people for dynamically developing the corporate world, while understanding key concepts of personal finance education. Charles Gregory Truvillion, with information and knowledge acquired from credit boot camps and mentors, and through his company- The Credit Chef- provides professional services and courses that care to client’s credit (personal or business) and business funding. 

So far TheCreditChef helped over 5000 consumers repair their credit, buy a new home, or save money on their interest payments. Charles Truvillion and his team have made it possible to allow these individuals and businesses regain control of their credit, in order to leverage it to get the things they always desired, by providing guidance on how to eliminate negative items off their credit report. 

“The enjoyment I get from helping a consumer increase their credit scores is far more satisfying than enhancing their palate. We help them Taste the Outcome of healthy credit.” says Charles. Prior to starting TheCreditChef, Charles’ dad always said never get a credit card, always pay cash and taught him everything about credit, how to manage it and how it could help him in the future. 

Like everyone, Charles faced many challenges. He dealt with the passing of his father, and became a full time chef following his unemployment status. While in Las Vegas, Nevada he had a mentor who said “you should call yourself The Credit Chef because you cook and help repair clients’ credit.” Thus, Charles trademarked that name and launched his new business at full speed.

Charles also struggled with public speaking. Nevertheless, following the launch of TheCreditChef, he has spoken at numerous events and hosted several business and credit education training sessions for credit repair business owners. Now Charles and his team helps his clients enhance their credit scores the same way he enhanced their palate with his cooking as a chef. Not only that, he wants to help consumers not make the same mistakes he made with his credit. “The most important part of being a business owner is your mindset. You have to build an impenetrable mind to not accept any negativity because it will stop your success.” says Charles. “Be prepared for a lot of sleepless nights. Write down all of your ideas on your phone and revisit them weekly. Don’t accept failure as an option.”

Currently Charles is tapping into real estate, moving to a new location, where he is teaching financial literacy and opening a tax office to help his credit clients avoid high tax bills and start their own business so they can capture success. Now, his team is offering many more credit education classes, business Funding Seminars, first time home buyer meetings and a lot more. Furthermore, his team is now hosting several events with up to about 60 people for home buying tricks, car buying tips and credit education.

Book your free credit analysis at and check out Charles’ Instagram account for more information @creditchef.